Club DSport Precision Engine Development : RB26 and VR38

Club DSport Precision Engine Development : RB26 and VR38

RB26dett with twin EFR turbos

Club Dsport is the engine building side of Dsport Magazine.  Mike comes from a engineering background, and his years of experience in the magazine industry, plus building, and pushing the limits has given him a lot of experience.  He has turned this experience into an engine building side. Along with the RB26, VR38 engines for GT-R, they work on a number of other engines.   
My opinion is that they are the most capable machine shop and engine builder for the RB26 in the US.

There is no other engine platform that has undergone as much development at Club DSPORT as the Nissan RB26DETT.

 We’ve taken this performance icon to over 500 wheel horsepower per liter building street/drag examples that produce over 1,300 horsepower from just 2.6 liters of displacement. The key to maximum performance and reliability is a complete understanding of the engine’s strengths and weaknesses.
Comparisons to Toyota’s 2JZ-GTE are often made with the RB26DETT. In comparing the blocks, the RB26DETT sports a much better foundation for the crankshaft featuring a full girdle design. The individual cap design of the 2JZ-GTE means that an aftermarket cap upgrade is usually in order when power is expected to eclipse the 800 wheel horsepower level. The RB26DETT also sports a unique cylinder spacing arrangement effective creating two three-cylinder engine in line with each other across and extended bridge in the middle. The extended bore spacing on the RB26DETT allows for better head gasket designs as more space is available for a variety of stopper designs. The RB26DETT block also features 12mm head bolts instead of the 11mm found on 2JZ-GTE engines.
 Learn more about what they have to offer at : Club Dsport

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