Ferrari F40-Inspired One-Off Planned?

Ferrari F40-Inspired One-Off Planned?

The Ferrari F40 is undeniably a legend for the Prancing Horse. Any car buff or fans of the Italian marque will be able to tell an F40 even by a single glance at that iconic end-to-end wing. And of course, it should be red.

With that said, a one-off, sort-of modern version of the F40 isn’t an odd request from a Ferrari customer. And we could be seeing one soon based on a report from The Supercar Blog. Take this with a healthy dash of salt, though.

According to The Supercar Blog’s report, a one-off Ferrari is going to be revealed soon – as in a few days soon. The site’s sources claim that the new car will be a modern one-off that will be inspired by the F40 and believed to be carrying the ‘SP42’ nameplate. As for the power plant, The Supercar Blog speculates that it will carry a twin-turbo V8, more likely to be the 3.9-liter from the F8 Tributo.

Apart from what was mentioned, there aren’t any details yet about the one-off Ferrari supercar. But if this report were to be true, we could expect a softer take on the rather boxy design of the iconic F40. The iconic wing should be there, too, we reckon.

Ferrari isn’t a stranger to one-off requests of customers. The SP38 was revealed two years ago, which was ordered by “one of Ferrari’s most dedicated customers.” Months after, Maranello brought us the SP3JC, an open-roof V12-powered roadster based on the F12tdf. The Ferrari P80/C was then unveiled in 2019, which drew inspiration from 330 P3/P4 and Dino 206 S race cars.

Whether the rumors of another Ferrari one-off is true or not, we’ll know the answer in a few days’ time. As always, watch this space for that.

Published at Sat, 15 Aug 2020 14:03:46 +0000