Japanese cars for rent in Las Vegas : RentJDM

Japanese cars for rent in Las Vegas : RentJDM

RentJDM right hand drive car rental in Las Vegas

RentJDM in Las Vegas is really coming together. The original plan was to open in April 2020, however COVID, and the closure of Las Vegas, and most of the world put a damper on that.  The wall art came out great, and the arcade has been put in place.  There are vending machines with Japanese snacks and drinks. Las Vegas is all about experiences, and RentJDM wants anyone coming to the shop at 5360 Procyon St, to have a fun experience. 

A couple weeks ago, we got a chance to film a safety video, and go out and drive a few cars.  Craig Lieberman shot it for RentJDM. He even got a chance to drive a right hand drive Supra, and what RentJDM wants to turn into the Worlds Fastest Suzuki Cappuccino, #doubleshot.  Check out Craig’s Instagram account here. 
657cc turbo. This is #doubleshot Suzuki Cappuccino

Will a stock RB26 turbo work on a 657cc engine? 
The #doubleshot Cappuccino won’t be for rent, but will be a demo car for RentJDM. They have an entire gaggle of kei car. Honda Beats, Autozam AZ-1, and Cappuccino. 
Right hand drive Toyota Supra for Rent. The R34 GT-R is Show or Display, the front car is not a Mitsubishi Eclipse. A few people have told us that now.  Also, the Supra does not have a Bomex kit.
NSX, Hakosuka, R32 GT-R, MotoRex R34 GT-R, Liberty Walk R35, and Suzuki Cappuccino
The JDM rental fleet in Las Vegas, will feature a number of cool cars from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. Most of the cars are right hand drive and manual transmission, but there will be a few automatic cars. The red Honda NSX above is an automatic. 
Calsonic livery R32 GT-R, R34 GT-R at Red Rock in Las Vegas
AZ-1, Beat, Cappuccino.  The ABS of Kei Car. A gaggle of R32. 
Directly behind RentJDM, just a block away is the new Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders
Entrance area to RentJDM. MotoRex R34 GT-R, they call the “Beast”
One more inside view of RentJDM
When they are able, RentJDM will open, even if it is at a limited capacity. We are looking forward to a soft opening in the coming weeks. In addition to renting JDM cars, RentJDM will also be selling JDM cars in the Las Vegas area. Mostly kei car, as they really like the Cappuccinos.  
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