Listen To Jay Leno’s Ford GT With Snarly Titanium Exhaust Uprgade

Listen To Jay Leno’s Ford GT With Snarly Titanium Exhaust Uprgade

Here’s a slightly different look at Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube. Rather than checking out snazzy cars that are road-ready, we’re treated to a vlog tour from the former talk show host of various projects that are still in progress. It’s certainly an interesting look into some eclectic automotive iron – notably steam-powered cars – but you didn’t click this video to see how a steam engine from an old Doble works. You want to hear a new Ford GT with an upgraded titanium exhaust system.

Click play on the 24-minute video above and it opens with Leno’s own GT making some delicious noise. Jump ahead to roughly the 13-minute mark and Leno shows us the actual system. It’s made by Heffner Performance and as the screenshots below illustrate, the design completely eliminates the stock GT’s muffler. As such, it’s extremely light – just six pounds according to the video – and it certainly gives the supercar a snappy sound. If you jump to the 23:10 mark you’ll get a bit more of Leno’s GT revving with the new setup. It’s definitely an aural improvement versus the stock system.

However, if you merely jump around to these Ford GT moments, you’ll miss quite a bit of interesting car content that absolutely appeals to shade-tree mechanics and connoisseurs of rare motoring machinery. The tour starts with a 1968 Pontiac Firebird, which isn’t rare per se but this one with a factory inline-six engine is special. From there we get schooled on a little-known San Francisco manufacturer from the 1920s called Kleiber, which basically built sedans on truck frames.

The majority of the video, however, is devoted to steam. It’s no secret that Leno loves his steam cars, and we’re treated to a look at two projects currently in the restoration process. One of them – a Doble steam car – is mocked up to see how the direct-drive four-cylinder steam engine works. Yes, we’re getting deep into car-nerd territory here, but it’s absolutely glorious. Don’t be ashamed to admit it.

We’re also shown a 1914 electric car getting a resto-mod makeover with Nissan Leaf batteries and a banging stereo system, an obscure American car from the 1920s that requires custom-fabricated parts, and an MG that’s apparently a basket case. So you know, it’s just another day at Jay Leno’s Garage.

Published at Tue, 28 Apr 2020 18:50:57 +0000