Nissan’s Quiet Electric Car Technology

Nissan’s Quiet Electric Car Technology

Nissan’s Quiet Electric Car Technology

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What Nissan Is Doing to Make Car Interiors Quieter 

Nothing ruins a relaxing round trip more than a noisy car cabin. Whether it’s road noise or sounds of the city, these harsh sounds can really kill your driving mood and make it difficult for you to listen to your favorite tunes.  

For most cars, there is a gentle hum of engine noise, and though it is noise itself, it sort of acts to cancel out the harsher sounds coming from outside the vehicle. Electric cars, however, don’t have this benefit. Because they don’t have a gasoline-powered engine, they run quietly, and while that is a nice feature in itself, it means the noises coming from outside the vehicle are going to be more distinct. 

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Nissan’s Noice Canceling Technology at CES 

At CES this year, Nissan showed off what it is doing to solve this problem. The solution comes in the form of a lattice structure and plastic film, used to control air vibrations and limit sounds entering the cabin from wide frequency band noise. This would be in the range of 500 –1200 hertz and would include road and engine sounds.  

The auto industry typically uses heavy rubber for this, but Nissan’s material is not only more effective, but it also weighs less. This means you can apply it to electric vehicles without significantly impacting weight, and therefore, efficiency. 

The official name of this material is acoustic meta-material. Research on it began in 2008 but it is just now being considered for use in noise cancellation situations. 

Wherever you turn, Nissan is doing new and great things. To stay updated on all of the latest developments, be sure to check back to the Rome Nissan blog. 

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