Remote Mount Oil Pressure Sending Unit Kit – R32, R33, R34

Remote Mount Oil Pressure Sending Unit Kit – R32, R33, R34

R32, R33, and R34 GT-R at Toprank Importers in Cypress, California

The OEM oil pressure sender on a Nissan Skyline GT-R – RB26 are often failed. Between age, vibration, and heat, they normally are finished.  So if you have a low reading on the dash, and car hasn’t blow up yet, it may just need a new sensor. 

Nissan Skyline R32,33,34 Remote Mount Oil Pressure Sending Unit Kit From RHD Auto Design

This kit from RHD Auto Design addresses some of the issues with the OEM oil pressure sensor. Since the OEM sensor is hard mounted to the engine block, it gets a lot of heat, and a lot of vibration. Something that sensors do not like. By remote mounting the sending unit, it should last a lot longer, and give you more accurate oil pressure readings. Plus once you have the kit in, hooking up a mechanical gauge is pretty easy. 

Failed OEM RB26 pressure sensor. Found on some forum somewhere

We moved the sensor on the #bluecar with the kit from RHD Auto Designs.  While we were there, also put one of the E85 flex fuel sensor mounting brackets to use.  

Remote Mount oil pressure sending unit kit

The OEM oil pressure sensor has a 17 mm nut on it, that you use to loosen up the sensor. Once you break it free, it usually will come out by hand. If not a few more turns of the wrench, and you can just spin it off. 

You can see the OEM oil sending unit

The hardest part on the bluecar, was getting everything that has to fight for space on the right side of the engine compartment to fit.  The relocated oil pressure sensor, the flex fuel sensor, the carbon fiber catch can. 

OEM sending unit removed

Fitting screwed into OEM port

Oil pressure sending unit remote mounted on the bluecar. Many things fighting for space

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