Worlds Quickest AWD car : Maatouks Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 : Metro

Worlds Quickest AWD car : Maatouks Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 : Metro

Maatouks Racing Metro R32 GT-R

It took a long time for the Heat Treatments R32 GT-R, to unseat the HKS R33 GT-R as top dog in the 1/4 mile drag racing, AWD, 4wd world.  Once Heat Treatments took the crown, it was many years before the RIPS R32 GT-R took the title.   Then the R35 GT-R really started to come into their own, and dominated the older Nissan Skyline GT-R in drag racing.  Proving that there is no replacement for displacement?  Billet V6 engines displacing 3.8, 4.0, up to 4.4 liters.  Big, huge front mounted twin turbos. The R35 is a much bigger, more aerodynamic car. They can fit more tire, and can make more power. 

Maatouks Racing Metro R32 GT-R
Maatouks Racing Metro R32 GT-R
Then the R32 GT-R guys in Australia started getting serious. The Kiwis were on top for a long time, but some competition really started to stir the pot.   Automatic transmissions, from Powerglides to TH400. From cast iron RB30 blocks, to billet blocks.  3.2 liters of displacement.  Huge pro-mod turbos. 
The R35’s went into the 6 second range first, but the R32 GT-R did follow.  Now the Metro R32 GT-R is the quickest, eclipsing Gidi’s 6.541 @ 225 mph pass. 
Drag Import News Top 10 Quickest AWD (not yet updated)
Two R32 GT-R in the top 10, the other 8, all R35 GT-R in the 6 second range. 

Congratulations to Maatouks Racing, and Sam Metro’s R32 GT-R. 

Sam “Metro’s” GTR 6.47@219.94

Maatouks Racing has always been a name associated with crazily fast cars, mental builds and record breaking times.

This time it was different we lost one of our most dearest brothers Sam Metro to a tragic car accident, he was the owner of our METRO GTR. We made a promise to him that his car would be the car that sat on top of the outright list of AWD supremacy.

Yesterday that promise came true but we didn’t just give him one record like he asked we took a bundle of records whilst on our quest.

The first record we took was the “Quickest GTR record” that meaning any GTR and Skyline to ever be produced.

Secondly we naturally took the record for “Quickest R32 Skyline”

Thirdly “Quickest AWD” what a record to have no other AWD car on planet earth is quicker!!

Then the rest tumbled “Quickest import IRS”, “Quickest import on radials”
“Quickest and fastest Automatic RB”
“Australia’s Quickest 275 radial”

But our biggest achievement was keeping our promise!! Anyone can build a car with money and machinery but to us it was all determination and heart by fulfilling our promise no money can buy this making this record the best one we have.

Fly high our brother we know you are with us so we fly together!!

Now turn those speakers up and listen to this car reset those world records!!!!!!!

Check out the Motive Video about the Metro GT-R. What it has, but more importantly what it isn’t, and its legacy.  

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